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What We Do

We offer safety courses that help build confidence, teach self-defense techniques, and create unity by forming strong support systems.

We focus on prevention, protection, and recovery so that what you learn can help you prevent, escape, or stop an attack today.

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Free of Fear

Assault is a crime. No one asks to be assaulted or deserves it. Making poor safety decisions does not make you responsible for an attack. There is no “right” way to respond to one, and you should never be judged for what you did or didn’t do before, during, or after it. You deserve to be safe and free of fear.

Replace the cycle of violence with a cycle of empowerment, unity, and strength.

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About Us

Utah Amazons is a women's self-defense program from Kishindo Martial Arts Academy. The program started when we, founders Noel Lindes and Rachelle Lawrence, realized that most women will only ever take one self-defense class in their lifetime. So we created a program that would help women now, not after they lose weight or train for decades. We also wanted a self-defense program that encouraged community: safety and recovery are a group effort.

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About Kishindo

Kishindo Martial Art Academy is a combination karate style of Shotokan and Goju-fyu Karate. Kishindo focuses on self-defense, self-discipline, and self-mastery through martial arts training. Locations are in Spanish Fork, Provo, Lindon, and Millcreek. 

For more information see Kishindo.com

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Let's build a safe comunity for everyone. Contact us below for more information!

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2261 East 3300 South
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If someone chokes you, whether from in front or behind, and you are standing up, there is an easy way to get out. Raise your arms high above your head and turn. That will release the hands of the person choking you. You can trap the hands of the person who choked you and counter-attack. We like to suggest using elbows, as they hurt the attacker a lot and don’t hurt you.


Wrist Grab

If someone grabs your wrist, a great way to get out is by pointing your elbow at the person. If their grip is really strong, you can grab the hand of the trapped arm with the free hand and pull as you point your elbow. Once your arm is free, you can get away or counter-attack, depending on what situation you’re in. If you want to counter-attack, an elbow to the attacker is always a great place to start.